Tuesday, October 2, 2012

diy: pumpkin wreath


i have quite the treat for you today on the blog...

a D.I.Y. pumpkin wreath!

here's what happened: i opened my daily anthropologie email in my inbox the other day only to find this awesome plain wreath made completely out of white pumpkins!

now of course i get this idea in my head- i'm going to make this. but how!? do i use real pumpkins? fake ones? and how do i get them to stay like that?

well after lots of thought, i was able to make this wreath for under $15!

here's what you'll need:

  • 11 fake plastic mini pumpkins (took me a while to find these, but i found them at tj maxx in the vase filler section. no luck at joann's or michael's)
  • off-white acrylic paint (spray paint might be good too)
  • paint brush
  • wooden embroidery hoop (i had one left over from another craft)
  • hot glue & glue gun
  • twine or string for hanging

1) if the pumpkins aren't white, start to paint them. you can also choose a different color- i thought gold could be fun, too! or keep them orange. :) also, don't forget to paint your wooden hoop the same color as your pumpkins! i did two coats... they probably could have used a third since my painting isn't that great. also- if you want to keep the stems completely paint-free, you can cover them with painting tape if you'd like.

2) once your pumpkins are dry, measure out where you plan to glue them on your hoop. make sure you leave enough room at the end of gluing for your last pumpkin to fit on, too! put a thick layer of glue on the hoop where your pumpkin will go, then hold your pumpkin down for a few seconds. keep moving on around the hoop.

3) once all of your pumpkins are glued on, go back and reinforce them by turning your wreath upside down and outlining the edges between the pumpkin and the hoop with extra glue.

4) once the glue is dry, measure your twine for hanging, tie one end to the screw on your hoop, and hang your new wreath! viola! there you have it- your new anthropologie inspired wreath for under $15!

have you made any other fall crafts this year?

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