Monday, April 2, 2012

louis vuitton fall 2012 paris fashion week

i'm not going to lie to you. i have never been a huge fan of louis vuitton... the bags seem a little cliche to me and everybody has them (or something that looks exactly like them) with the label plastered all over it.

to prove my distain, my rude self (with my rude asymmetrical haircut) even ruined a picture with my friends in paris in front of a louis vuitton shop.

BUT! i retract this statement.

...i really do!

why? because of their incredibly creative fall 2012 runway show at paris fashion week. complete with moving train, bellhops, and erie train station street lights. it's unlike any other runway presentation i've seen! if you have 12 spare minutes, take a look at the full fashion show video:

did you ever have pre-conceived notions about a specific brand? have you ever changed your mind?

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