Tuesday, March 20, 2012

trendy tuesday: the oversized clutch

when it comes to bags, i'm one who goes big or goes home. who knows when you will need to stuff your laptop, umbrella, or your sweater in your purse? i say, the less you can carry, and the more you can put in your purse, the better off you are. ha!

what about when it comes to clutches? well there's a fun trend right now: carrying oversized clutches. right up my alley! i may not be able to throw my sweater in, but now i can bring my Elle mags with me wherever i go! today's trendy tuesday inspirations: oversized clutches!

one // two // three // four

anthropologie now has an amazing collection of watercolor oversized clutches! they're pretty incredible.

Anthro Clutches Found Here.

what size bags do you prefer?

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