Tuesday, August 21, 2012


are you ready for a commercial break?

i never really endorse just one product in my blog posts, but this will seriously be an exception!

i clicked on a facebook ad yesterday because there was a cute pair of boots staring right back at me... little did i know i would hit the jackpot.

the site is called threadflip.

the deal is that you take a picture of an item you want to get rid of in your closet and post it for sale online. you can then shop other people's "closets" and buy their clothes at a discounted rate!

i have been looking for a better solution to a plato's closet or a goodwill... (as much as i love goodwill, sometimes i have a pair of sneakers i have worn once that would be a great sell online!). etsy doesn't let you sell new clothes... and selling on ebay and craigslist- things just get lost in the mix.

threadflip does the trick.

don't want to post your items on your own? solution: white glove service. just ship your clothes off to threadflip and they will post the item for you. once it sells, you get the cash!

plus, browsing for clothes is great because you create a profile for yourself with the colors you wear, the brands you like, and threadflip hand picks those colors and brands and sizes just for you! brill.

i wish i had thought of it myself.

ps- the links all lead to my invite... if you invite your friends you can earn some moolah to spend!

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