Thursday, April 18, 2013

DIY Doily Collar Necklace

they're all the rage right now.

collar necklaces.

and what do you know- i came up with a way to make two necklaces with one doily. plus, you can style them 3 different ways! here's how to make 3-in-1 doily collar necklaces:

what you need:

1 doily
needle-nose pliers
necklace & bracelet chains (they come in one kit from joann's)
scrap fabric or felt
hot glue
glue gun

1) iron out your doily if it's a little wrinkly. this will help in lining up the pattern.

2) fold the doily in half. then trace & cut out a collar pattern onto the doily.

3) next, take the bracelet chain and separate the chain in the very middle- opposite of the hook - with the needle-nose pliers.

4) using the pliers, reattach each end of the loose chain to the ends of the collar pieces.

 5) now, fasten the front of the collar with a button. cut out a piece of fabric or felt the same size as the button. place the button on top of the doily and the fabric underneath and glue them all together.

6) pair the necklace with a cute top and enjoy!

DIY Doily Collar Necklace

now, you can use the rest of the doily to make yet another doily necklace!

1) use the other end of the doily and cut out a C shape. be sure to stay along the crochet lines.

2) open up the necklace chain and weave it in and out of the top part of the doily.

3) now, there are 2 ways you can wear this necklace...

DIY Doily Collar Necklace

like this, or like this...

DIY Doily Collar Necklace

DIY Doily Collar Necklace

have fun with your new necklaces! feel free to pin & share with friends! <3

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