Monday, April 29, 2013

jamberry nail decals

happy monday!

i want to share a new product with all of you- jamberry nails!

a friend of mine at work had a perfectly manicured fingernail of a chevron print! so cute!

she told me it was a nail decal called jamberry- they have all different sizes and colors! the way it works is you cut out a piece to fit your fingernail, place it on, and use your hairdryer to seal it. then use a wooden nail stick to smooth out the decal for the perfect fit.

i was so excited about it, that she shared some samples with me and of course i had to try them out!

here's how it went:

now, the sample size was teeny-tiny, so i could only fit one on my pinky finger! i did not have a wooden nail stick... i would highly recommend using one since mine still had some bumps in it after it set. the decal lasted for about a week (probably because i couldn't stop smoothing out the bubbles every day and messing with the edges...), but my friend's lasted for 2 weeks! 

anyways, i think this is a great alternative to nail art- especially if you're trying to do the whole "paint an awesome design on your right hand using your left hand" which of course never looks as cool as you want it to look in the end. ;)

jamberry works sort of like a mary-kay where you have to order through a representative. head over to their website for more info!

have you tried any nail decals? would you recommend any?

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  1. Hi, there, friend! Loving this nail art trial you did, and those patterns are SUPER cute! I can barely just paint my nails, but I have aspirations to one day be able to do something like this!