Monday, April 8, 2013

sentimental heart

hey everyone,

it's been quite some time since i updated, but it doesn't mean that my mind has strayed away from diys and fashion inspiration...

one of the main reasons it's been a little hard to come back is due to the fact that my great-grandma (nana) passed away in december. she was my main inspiration for this blog and even the name the modernette came from a story she told me. you can read more in my about section. she had a wonderful life living to her mid-90s, and i only hope to carry on her legacy through my own creativity - blogging or not.

(photo by dawn roscoe)

but hey- she wouldn't want me or anyone else to be sad. so here's the good news:

i have so many new crazy ideas for this blog that my brain (and notes app on my phone) is bursting!

after some reflection, i am not too thrilled with the direction i was taking the blog. it's fun to dream and all, but one of my pet-peeves in the blogging world is when the blog becomes more about fantasy than reality. sure it's fun to dream and i'll post a few inspiration posts here and there to keep up on trends, but you can begin to go down a path with wanting & wishing- not cool.

what can you start to see with the new modernette?

-diy posts (yay!)
-affordable looks and ways to make look-alikes for less.
-and more surprises!

cheers to being back!

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