Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trendy Tuesday: Colorful Lace

bright colors are calling my name... amidst a wardrobe full of black and neutral shades, i've declared that my closet needs some sort of color!

Ok, so the modeling is a little cheesy, but the dresses are pretty! Source
which brings me to this week's trendy tuesday- colorful lace. i am already drawn to anything lace and romantic, so taking lace from inside my comfort zone and challenging it by adding a splash of bold color will hopefully help me think outside the box.

Green Lace Top from Zara
yellow bow/lace playsuit from Asos
red lace skirt from Asos

i did rock a pretty bold blue lace dress to a christmas party this year:

and i just saw this fun mint green lace dress at urban today...!

Mint dress from Urban Outfitters

gorgeous dress from ellie saab's spring 2012 collection:


happy trendy tuesday :)

<3 aly

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